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Custom Data Too Mail

Long name, simple goals

For nearly 20 years, we were known as Tangram, Your Intelligent Data Partner. As cute of a name as Tangram was, we felt we needed something that described our business more clearly. In 2014, we re-branded ourselves as Custom Data Too Mail.

The name derivation comes from where our expertise lies. Custom Data refers to our unique ability of being able to handle a wide variety of data streams and programmatically process for standard and distinctive mailer needs. More than that we design custom data solutions to solve your needs.

Too Mail. Ok, yes we had a bit of a play on words here, but most importantly we wanted our name to indicate that we are here to help from the start of a project through data design, mail piece design, variable layout, print and mailing services.



Even our logo was born from this theory. From yellow girl who represents coming up with ideas and finding custom solutions, to green boy who knows data through and through, to red girl who knows print and at the end of this quartet is purple guy who represents mail.

When you think of Custom Data Too Mail, remember we offer programmatic mailing data solutions, static and variable print, inserting and mail campaigns.


Custom Data Too Mail is your solution for:

  • List Processing
  • Variable Data Programs
  • PDF processing
  • Digital Production Print

Now adding lettershop capabilities


  • Postal Presort
  • Letter shop Insertion
  • Inkjet Address
  • Mail Permit Acceptance

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